Dear Cakelovers,

I've been serving Miami area with heathy plant-based cakes for over 2 years. All this time we made for you only wholesome raw vegan cake, always gluten and soy free, and without any refined sugar. During this time, we made over 30! different flavors! And we collected your feedbacks and comments about each one! For now, we offer 12 the most popular, the most delicious and catch-eye designed raw vegan cakes. 

Now, I want to help you to make a choice by explaining the difference between each flavor. And yes, all cakes are raw vegan and made from scratch.


Raw New York Cheesecake starting from $49.99. Classic vanilla cashew cream with a hint of lemon based on almond-date crust

Coconut Cookies'N'Cream starting from $64.99. Vanilla coconut filling made from young thai coconuts, coconut butter and oil. Sprouted buckwheat, flaxseed and date crust. Raw vegan chocolate goodies on top.



Chocolate Soufflé starting from $64.99. Rich, decadent, dark chocolate cake infused with fresh meat of Thai coconuts and Peruvian raw cacao powder.

German Chocolate starting from $64.99. Made from lots of nuts: cashews, walnuts and pecans, and of course coconut ingredients. Extremely creamy with pieces of pecans and coconut flakes.