We changed the name

FitySweety. This has been my company name for some time, probably the best part of two years. I’ve gone through denial, forgetfulness, inability to remember and time to time the name was accepted.

Why the change?

Let’s be honest! Fitysweety. How did you read it?? Fifty sweety, right? Oh yes… everybody read it as fifty [50] something, haha! And this is the time to understand my mistake!

When I created this name, I was focusing on fit cakes, fit desserts, fit sweets (aka healthy cakes without artificial and refined sugars). And because all domain names, trade marks, Instagram and Facebook pages with Fit+Sweet interpretation were not available, I decided to add ‘y’ at the end of each word and create FitySweety name.

But it doesn’t work. And most of my customers still remember me as Olga’s cakes or raw vegan cakes, or fifty something cakes.

That’s why it’s a time to make changes. It’s hard, it’s expensive, and I still have so many custom-made wooden cake boards with engraving of current name.

However, introducing…

My Plant Cake. MyPlantCake.
My Plant Cake Shop.
My Plant Cake online pastry shop.

I couldn’t find simpler name than Plant Cake for my shop. But… of course, Plant Cake name is not available for website, Instagram, facebook etc (plantcakes dot com is taken as well).

But let’s imagine you’re thinking “Where I can get my plant-based cake for my birthday?”

And you will remind: “Oh, my plant-based cake is at My Plant Cake shop!”
MyPlantCake is so good and healthy!
MyPlantCake can be sugar free, keto and diabetic friendly.
MyPlantCake can do everything by my special food requirements!
MyPlantCake is so natural and so good for my kids!
MyPlantCake is in Miami, and I can order a cake for delivery today!

My Plant Cake. Our New Name.

And I hope you will love it!

With love,
Olga Mankova
owner and pastry chef