All our cakes: VEGAN, Gluten & SOY Free, NO refined sugar



Box of mix flavors from EveryDay Treat Cake Collection. Includes 7 pieces of 7 different flavors:

  1. Triple Chocolate
  2. Classic Vanilla
  3. Strawberry
  4. Salted Caramel Chocolate
  5. Lemon Blueberry (tree nut free)
  6. Matcha Green Tea (seasonal) - please note, this flavor is not on the picture
  7. Cookies'N'Cream (seasonal) - please note, this flavor is not on the picture

RAW | Vegan | Dairy-FREE | Eggs-FREE Gluten-FREE Soy-FREE Refined sugar-FREE
Sweetened with organic raw agave nectar.

 This product is Kosher Certified by Kosher Miami.

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  • Dear customers, 
    we created EveryDay Cake Collection special for you with a special price $39.99-$49.99.
    The quantity is limited for each week. We make cakes, pack and freeze them (yeaah, the cakes are not baked, so freezing is an essential process for raw cakes) each Tuesday and Wednesday.
    Because of this, we do not customize the cake, nor write on top of it any names or phrases. It is not possible to make any changes in the ingredient list of this cake.
    The cake will look like on the picture, will be delivered or ready for pick up in a semi-frozen state, and will need 2-3 hours of defrosting in the refrigerator (overnight is also great).
    Please, if you need a sugar free cake, ketogenic cake, diabetic friendly cake, nut free or caffein free cake, or any other customizations, take a look at our Celebration Cake Collection. Each of those cakes is made by order, and ready to serve any allergy or personal requirements. These cakes start from $65.99, and we need at least 4 days notice.

    Thank you for understanding!
    For any questions, please call/text/WhatsApp at 786-403-2703.