All our cakes: VEGAN, Gluten & SOY Free, NO refined sugar


FitySweety Healthy Plant-Based Desserts are raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free, and refined-sugar free. Because we only use activated (sprouted) nuts, our products are very easy to digest. With a host of nutritionally beneficial ingredients, our cakes and confections not only taste amazing but have wonderful health effects. Fruits, coconut, nuts, buckwheat, avocado and quinoa, are just a few of the amazing sources of vitamins and minerals our raw desserts offer. Great for anyone and more importantly, good for everyone! 

*Diabetics in moderation.

So what are some of the ingredients you get when you indulge in a FitySweety dessert: 


An incredibly important source of both fiber and protein, nuts have been proven to increase heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels, as well as helping to prevent certain forms of diabetes. Even more incredible are activated nuts—which is all we use. What are activated nuts...These are simply nuts that have been soaked in saltwater overnight to encourage the beginning of the sprouting process. At that point they are removed and dehydrated. This activation preserves the benefits of nuts while making them easier on your digestive system. The bulk of our cakes, whether in the crust or in the vegan cheesecake filling itself include nuts. We do however, offer two nut free options. 


Not only do seeds promote better health but they are also beneficial when it comes to weight control. From hemp seeds to chia seeds to sunflower seeds, our raw vegan cakes are bursting with the goodness of seeds. Loaded with calcium, iron and omega 6, the seeds we use in our delicious desserts really make a difference not only in terms of taste but as far as the overall nutritional value. 


Refined and processed sugars equate to empty calories and unnecessary fat. Why expose your body to this when some of the absolute best sweeteners on the planet are plant-based…Natural sweeteners aren’t only good for you nutritionally speaking, but the taste is incredible. All of our plant based raw cheesecakes contain the perfect combination of nuts, seeds, superfoods and of course some amazing natural sweeteners. From maple syrup to coconut nectar, with our vegan cheesecakes you will never miss sugar. And with a variety of exotic dried and fresh fruits, that sweet zing is something you can certainly savor with each and every bite.


From protecting against heart attack and stroke to speeding up metabolism and offering you an immediate boost, the health benefits of coconut based products have been well-documented. For years scientists have been studying the amazing properties of the Medium Chain Triglycerides found in coconut. As such, they have seen that populations who consume more coconut ingredients tend to live longer, healthier lives. With the delicious coconut flavor and all of the wonderful health benefits, our coconut infused vegan cheesecakes are certain to please.


This group of foods has come to be known as that which contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are considered “super” because of the tremendous nutritional benefits. All of our vegan cakes contain some form of superfood—generally more than just one. Turmeric for example is touted for its anti- inflammatory properties thus making it excellent for arthritis sufferers. While Matcha has been notably tied to prevention against certain cancers. With this many vitamins and minerals in our raw plant-based cheesecakes, you never have to feel guilty.


Dyes and artificial coloring are among the worst products for you in terms of nutritional value and overall health. Keeping your body free of these types of processed and chemical “foods” is one of the smartest moves you can make. This is why all of our products are given their rich vibrant color using only natural ingredients. Whether beet juice or turmeric or just fresh fruits, we stand behind the wholesomeness and health value of every vegan cake we sell.


Everything we use in our raw cheesecakes is all natural. Even for example, the Himalayan salt; this is a product that has not been processed or refined and that has incredible detoxifying properties. All our grains are sprouted and our homemade almond milk contains only filtered water and nuts. So, all of these ingredients are generally easier on digestion and full of nutritious components!

We stress taste and nutrition.
You can have a delectable sweet tasting dessert that is also extremely good for you!