All our cakes: VEGAN, Gluten & SOY Free, NO refined sugar



Classic cake in raw plant-based/vegan version with natural colorants and without any refined sugar. Gluten, wheat and soy free, no dairy or eggs. Safe for kids and guilt free for adults!

This cake is 3.5-4 inches tall and 6 inches round, approximate weight is 6 pounds.Can serve 12 big pieces per 8 oz each, or up to 20-24 pieces per 3.5-4 oz each.

  • RAW Vegan
  • FREE of gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, wheat, and flour
  • !Sweetened with organic maple syrup or agave nectar
  • 100% natural whole foods ingredients
  • NO refined/cane sugars 
     artificial colors or flavors
    NO preservatives
    NO food additives

We need 7 days to make this cakeBut we kindly ask you to place the order 2 weeks in advance to be sure that we can accept your order. 


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  • For this cake we offer two basic flavors:

    Chocolate Orange cashew cream filling with almond-date crust. The cake is covered in vanilla cream to be a perfect canvas for bright yellow-orange chocolate velvet coating. So, the cake will have a very chocolate taste with citrus orange notes. When you cut it, you will see bright layers of yellow and chocolate cream. Yellow cashew cream has citrus taste as well and colored by turmeric.

    Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla filling with chocolate walnut crust. In this case, the bright orange and yellow colors will be only in decoration. Inside layers of chocolate soufflé, strawberry cheesecake and vanilla cashew cream. We will color vanilla cream with turmeric to get the yellow color.

    Fo additional cost, we offer:
    Fruity Cake (caffeine free) - no chocolate inside. There will be layers of strawberry, blueberry, coconut and vanilla layers.
    However, due to stylish presentation of this Unicorn, we can't change the brown-chocolate and bright yellow roses on top of this cake. To make them, we need to prepare additional chocolate and turmeric cashew cream. This is require additional work and additional cost. Important - for this cake we can substitute cacao powder to carob powder to get caffein-free cake.

    Avocado Key Lime and Coconut Cake (tree-nut free). Inside super creamy avocado key lime layers with lemon-coconut curd and fresh sweet blueberries. The cake is finished with coconut vanilla white chocolate and covered
    with velvet coating in bright yellow and orange colors. As well as for fruity cake, we still have to make additional chocolate avocado cream and coconut vanilla yellow turmeric color.  This is require additional work and additional cost. Important - for this cake we can substitute cacao powder to carob powder to get caffein-free cake.


    We use only whole foods ingredients and natural colorants for this cake. Here is our colors:
    Yellow - organic turmeric powder
    Orange -
     organic beta carotene powder (carrot powder)
    Brown - natural chocolate color

    White - organic cashew vanilla cream

    Cake is finished with velvet vegan dairy and sugar-free white chocolate colored by powders mentioned above.

    Unicorn horn, years and eyes are not edible.

    Cake contains nuts and coconut products (coconut meat, coconut butter, coconut oil, shredded coconut)