All our cakes: VEGAN, Gluten & SOY Free, NO refined sugar



including dairy-free and egg-free

including gluten-free

including diabetic-friendly

We have more than 2 years experience of making raw vegan cakes which you may order as a everyday treat here. Based on our experience of healthy and allergy-friendly desserts, we created these flavors for baked cakes.


Madagascar Vanilla bean sponge with a cashew creamy white chocolate vanilla filling with pieces of fresh fruits or berries (strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries). Also, this flavor can be made with a fruit or berry filling.


Rich and divine chocolate layers with a decadent chocolate souffle frosting based on cashew cream, coconut oil and fresh coconut meat of Thai coconuts. This chocolate filling is a real chocolate real chocolate delight. We use raw cacao powder for all our chocolate cakes.


Classy delicious chocolate sponge with a fluffy pecan cashew cream filling and pieces of pecan nuts and coconut flakes.  


Silky and moist chocolate sponge, real peanut butter creamy filling with pieces of peanut butter nuts. Chocolate and peanut butter are the true ultimate couple


Coffee flavored chocolate sponge with a mocha cashew cream frosting and pieces of toasted hazelnuts. For creating this cake, we use a homemade hazelnut milk that gives a rich and velvet result.


Coconut moist sponge with coconut cashew cream based on fresh coconut meat of Thai coconuts and coconut oil extra virgin, with pieces of cacao nibs and coconut flakes inside.

Nothing beats a classic carrot cake - this one has a touch of cinnamon and walnuts. Filled with a combination of sour cream and cream cheese frosting, this cake is one of the most required for Birthdays. Just in case, you have an allergy for walnuts, we can substitute them for cashews or pecans.

*Pate a bombe is a French term for a whipped up light and creamy texture that usually used for mousse desserts and parfaits. It’s thick but light, firm but flowing and gives a very silk mousse-like consistency to the cake's filling.

**Our love for the Finest Belgian Chocolate has no boundaries. That is why we use only the best Belgian chocolate brands Callebaut and Cacao Barry [foto] as the ingredients for our cakes. Using only the finest ingredients, Callebaut® has been crafting its Finest Belgian Chocolate in the heart of Belgium for more than 100 years. Its chocolate is made from only 100% cocoa butter and Bourbon vanilla. We love their organic, fair-trade, gluten-free and kosher products!

Please note that all of these flavors are vegan. It means that we do not use eggs and any dairy products for these cakes.

Additional, we can make any of these flavors without gluten and caffein. We can use carob instead of cacao powder.

All our fillings are based on cashew dairy-free cream. As a non-dairy milk, we use homemade almond or other nut milk. Please, if you have any nuts allergy, contact us directly and we will create a special flavor only for you. All the flavors above contain nuts and coconut products (coconut oil, coconut butter, fresh coconut meat).

We do not use any soy products. Also, we do not use soybean, canola, palm, and corn oil (because of the fact that most of the world's soy beans and canola crops are genetically modified and may contain toxic trans fats. Unfortunately, This is not listed on the label). Instead of these, we use extra virgin olive oil, safflower or sunflower oils, coconut oil. We do not use store-bought vegan butter or margarine that may contains harmful oils. That is why, for our cakes, we use made from the scratch cashew cream which we can flavor whatever you want!

All flavors we make using vegan-friendly and always organic sugars (cane, brown, coconut sugar). However, as an additional option, any of these flavors can be made using only natural sweeteners (organic agave nectar, organic maple syrup) or totally sugar-free and diabetic-friendly (in this cake we use Truvia, Stevia and other sugar-free blends).